From paper to Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals.

Technical Publication
Services Corp.

The Company

Experienced in design, development and production of general aviation, defense products and commercial manufacturing, Technical Publication Services can deliver comprehensive illustrated documentation to your specifications. One of our specialties is documenting the manufacturing process to delivery manuals that will save your staff and engineers time answering customer questions.

We develop manuals from your engineering and process specifications. We can reverse engineer to deliver accurate information that can be used to update your in house engineering or work instructions.

TPS was formed by Timothy T. Burris in 1996. TPS and is located in Tucson, AZ, and San Diego, CA. Some of our clients have been/are Allied Signal (now Honeywell), EFW Inc., Boeckeler Instruments, and Securaplane.

Before starting TPS Mr. Burris worked as a manufacturing engineer for Hughes Missile Systems. After leaving Hughes Mr. Burris established a Technical Publications Department for Bombardier Completions and then broke out on his own.

Documentation experience includes component maintenance manuals, overhaul manuals, test panel operation manuals, technical orders, service bulletins, R and O work instructions, corporate jet completion manuals and cabin handbooks. We write in agreement with ATA 100, military style format or to customer specifications.

TPS has delivered documentation for everything from Piper Cheyennes to Boeing 777’s, to the space shuttle. We have also supported software companies in the engineering/medical field and defense industry companies in aerospace and ground support equipment. We are sure TPS can deliver what you want, in the formats you want, satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied there’s no charge.

We hope this gives you an overview of the company and please feel to contact us for any questions you might have or how we can support your project.



Control Cost

Good documentation is one of the first lines in controlling cost. TPS has helped companies reduce their cost by delivering precise documentation.

Whether it is processes or command media for your employees or product support for your customers the better the documentation the less time your staff spends answering questions.

Work instructions, configuration management

Companies doing work on government contracts need to establish what is called a paper trail. The paper trial is used for auditing by the contract administrator.

The staff at TPS has experience in configuration management and writing work instructions so auditors have an easier and faster way to check for contract compliance and tracking engineering change incorporation.

We can work from your engineering

One of our strong points is we have the staff that can work from engineering drawings and specifications to deliver product support.

We have helped customers develop the materials they needed even when there was no engineering available.

STC support

A supplemental type certificate (STC) is a type certificate (TC) issued when an applicant has received FAA approval to modify an aircraft from its original design. The STC, which incorporates by reference the related TC, approves not only the modification but also how that modification affects the original design.

TPS has experience in STC support by providing documentation for installation and maintenance for a wide range of installations including various avionic systems, oxygen, lighting and corporate interiors.

iSpec 2200 and ATA 100 specifications support

ATA Spec 100 contains format and content guidelines for technical manuals written by aviation manufacturers and suppliers and is used by airlines and other segments of the industry in the maintenance of their respective products. This document provides the industry-wide standard for aircraft systems numbering, often referred to as ATA system or chapter numbers. The format and content guidelines define the data prepared as conventional printed documentation. In 2000, ATA Spec 100 and ATA Spec 2100 were incorporated into ATA iSpec 2200: Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance. ATA Spec 100 and Spec 2100 will not be updated beyond the 1999 revision level.